My introductory journey of pain & service begins with Mistress Courtney

I had been an avid (albeit – secret) fan of Mistress Courtney for many years – but for various reasons I had never served her. However that all changed one day in late February. It was actually a Tweet by Mistress Courtney seeking a CP filming slave, that I realised that this was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss out on.

I therefore got in touch and after couple of tentative dates we agreed to meet. It had been a couple of years since the last time I had played in the scene.

Upon arriving at Mistress Courtney’s own premises which are very discreet and regulated and conveniently located in semi-rural Mid Wales, Mistress Courtney gave me a very warm welcome. I have to say she is even more beautiful in real life than on film.

After a very friendly chat and initial discussion I was secured on a beautiful leather whipping bench. Mistress Courtney started with a dressage whip – one that I’d actually brought with me. I had a few warm up strokes across my backside. Then I had a few more.

I was then strung up for some single-tail whipping across my back. Mistress couldn’t decide which of her single-tail whips to use. So she tried a few lashes with one then her favourite. She wanted to know which hurt the most – but was hard to tell – especially as it was only a couple of lashes from each.

In the end I think She went with the red one! I’m not sure how many lashes I received – but I was trying my best to take them as well as I could. Although I do think Mistress Courtney was being a very considerate Mistress in taking it easy on me as it had been quite a long time since I was last whipped.

I do however think going easy on me will be short lived – and my next and subsequent visits the ante will be upped considerably. Especially as she confirmed to me that I would be trained to take a lot more pain. After all Mistress Courtney had advertised for a CP slave! So I guess time will tell – if I can make the grade of a dedicated Masochist! For me though the overriding force is to give pleasure to one’s Mistress.

Until next time – slave P.


Your balls are Mine

Hello everyone, it has been so long since My last post and to be honest I had forgotten about posting until I had a session request from a slave who was flying to the UK and wanted to visit Me. One of the reasons he wanted to visit Me was because one of My blogs had left a lasting impression on him, so I thought I would try and write more often!
So, after a polite and therefore successful application, I headed to the Stockport dungeon for our session. Now as you all may have seen this year, I have been focusing on a lot of ball busting, CBT and CP sessions – why? Because I LOVE them. I only ever do sessions that I feel I will enjoy because I am then sure to give the slave My best and in turn, they will (hopefully) enjoy the session to the max.
I love having slaves visit Me from afar, it is strange sometimes to think that someone will travel that far just to see Me and it is a very special feeling. So My slave in question wanted a severe ball busting session. One of his requests was that I go as hard as I see fit and not to stop even if he begs Me. Now if someone is asking for this type of play, I will ensure they receive it – yes it is a lot about how a person feeling during the session and their comfort but also the memories they can take away with it. So getting that balance right is very important to Me. If you request something and I am happy to do it, you will receive just that!
One of the reasons I love trampling is because I love to leave My impression on a slaves skin (if they are able to have marks) and today I have the perfect heels to walk all over his soft, milky skin. A little jump here and there creates a different feel to just a soft walk, pressing the stiletto heels down, leaving tiny little squares, a perfect reminder that I have been there…
Tying My slave up on the cross, a rope fits snugly around his balls – the perfect toy for Me to use to stretch those cute little balls, to prepare them for what I have in store: ball weights. One weight, two, three, until I reach 8 – he will have to endure the weights as unlike using a parachute which can slip off with the right weight, the rope stays tight, pulling and stretching the balls down.
I have many pairs of SPIKE heels, and I have 2 pairs with Me today which will be used to kick those precious little sacks. Switching between My feet, spiked heels and simple stilettos this slaves balls are put to the test. When will he cry out begging Me to stop? Will I stop? No. he will take what I give him because his balls are MINE and I will do with them as I please.
I left the dungeon feeling exhilarated. slaves get a high and I do too. A feeling of happiness, POWER and above all, thrill. My slave tried his best to please Me and endure what I had planned for him and he did brilliantly – taking just the right amount of pain I would look to dish out on a first meeting. So until next time, here is a little tidbit from My slave who very dutifully wrote a few words about our time together:
As a long time viewer of brutal ballbusting and CBT videos, i always thought those are fantasies that i can only dream of; just like Hollywood movies, i was sure they are a step removed from reality. After watching many Mistress Courtney’s videos, i finally had the chance to visit Her; i had one thing in mind – can i take some of the punishments in Her videos?
The short answer was yes! Mistress Courtney slowed built up the session and prepared my balls and my mind to take some of the brutal kicks. Mistress Courtney was extremely kind and helped me to preserve the memory with videos, every time i watch, it is like watching brutal ballbusting videos, except that this time i know it is real, and it was wonderful. i now have another goal: to take even more severe beatings from Mistress Courtney, and, perhaps, next time i can be in some of the videos that all of Mistress Courtney fans can watch! (and wonder: is this guy for real?)
Until next time My followers….
Mistress Courtney xx

Some thoughts on personal slavery…


I have had some enquiries over the last few weeks in regards to personal slavery and here is some information to give an idea of what it entails. There are various types of ownership, for example, you can be a personal social media slave working hard to promote your Mistress online. If you live far away there is long distance servitude. The most special is the full time OWNED SLAVE.

I do not accept just anyone as a personal slave. The first and most important thing is CONNECTION. I must get on with you and be able, at the very least, to hold a fun and interesting conversation. How can you build a more intimate relationship with someone if you do not like them? One of My personal slaves was put through his paces and made to prove his worth over a long period of over 6 months. I must be able to see that you are serious about being owned and that you will not get bored or look elsewhere after the initial excitement wears off. If I am going to let you into My personal life, I do not have time for flakes and you must appreciate the great trust that comes with this role. you must be ready to engage in such a commitment otherwise it can end in great sadness.

What kind of things can a personal slave be involved in? The list is endless: chores, tasks, research, attending events, errands, driving and admin are some activities. The main aim of a personal slave is to make their Mistress’ life easier. Some Mistresses require their personal slave to tribute a large sum each month, I look at what the person can afford, their circumstances and, of course, how useful they can be to Me. My time is precious and it must be earnt in various ways: tasks, gifts, surprises, creativeness, readiness, etc. I give a lot of My time to My personal slaves so I expect that when I give them a task it is completed to the highest standard. That slave is being trained to be a reflection of ME and they must act accordingly.

A personal slave must show gratitude, be invisible (not wanting to show off their status all the time, it becomes boring) and be aware that Mistress will have contact with others – this should fuel you to want to do your best so you can be the favourite (not that She will ever tell you this ;)). You must prove your worth. If you are not giving Me what I need, you receive less of My time and you get rewards and punishments depending on the quality of effort with your work.

I set strict rules and a contract is signed at the beginning of the personal slavery journey. This contract can change over time to accommodate new skills learnt or changed circumstances. I do not allow my slaves to interact with other Mistresses unless pre-agreed, this fails the idea of being MINE and once you’re MINE, you should not wish to have anyone else on your mind.

I bet anyone who has considered being ‘owned’ has imagined being able to spend all day talking to their Mistress or seeing Her every day – this is not the case: Mistress still has a life to lead, sessions, commitments and Her personal life. Sometimes you will speak to Her daily and other times it may be a couple of times a week. If you become My personal slave you are absolutely more involved in My life, things become more ‘friendly’, more personal, but it is hard work. You will be required to be available when I need you but also have the ability to busy yourself when I am not free to spend time with you. You need to be motivated and creative and come up with ways to help your Mistress. And you need to WANT to be there. Never rush into ownership, make sure you are ready to commit to that one special Mistress. If not, wait, one day She will come along and turn your life around.

One of the main points when discussing ownership is that when a punishment is given, you take it and move on. If you have done something wrong, no matter how small, you need to be punished to learn. It is a long journey but the ultimate ending is to become Mistress’ special, ultimate slave who is the perfect reflection of Her hard work and status. This does not happen overnight, you must work tirelessly to get to know your Mistress, Her needs, desires, wants and they must be all you think about. Your aim in life is to make Her life better!

A note from an owned slave:

Being a personal slave is what i had dreamed of since the day i first fell into the world of BDSM. Being a personal slave is not something that should be taken lightly and is definitely not just a ‘fantasy’ for a sub to get his kicks. It also HAS to be with the right person and the Mistress you have a true connection with. For me i knew instantly the first time i met Mistress Courtney that She was the one i wanted to enter into slavery with and my dream was to become Her personal slave. So the day which is so crystal clear in my mind still that Mistress gave me my collar and accepted me as Her personal slave was and is so truly very special and one to be treasured forever.
As i mentioned before being a Personal slave is not about you as the submissive  getting your kicks it’s ALL about Mistress and making sure you attend to all of Her needs and essentially doing all you can to make Mistresses life easier for Her. Being a personal slave does not mean Mistress keeps me chained and left in the dungeon 24-7 and beaten every hour (although of course if Mistress wanted to She of course could). Of course Mistress and i spend lots of time in the Dungeon for play/punishments/rewards but the main part of being a personal slave is the work you need to put in and you have to be prepared to do that.  i have had days when i have had tasks coming out my ears and thought my head would explode but would i change anything ? Absolutely not.  Being a personal slave make no mistake can be hard work but throughout that hard work what keeps me working hard for Mistress is the thought that at the end of my task or tasks i may get an email or text or call from Mistress saying ‘well done I am pleased with you’ as those magical words are all i strive for and it makes me very happy to know i have pleased Mistress.
If you are lucky enough to meet your dream Mistress and you are given the chance to prove your worth as Her personal slave, grab it with both hands show complete Devotion to your Mistress 24-7 and work so hard for Her.
It’s an amazing feeling
Miss Courtneys Personal slave


A slaves Essay

One of the tools I use to decide whether or not to consider a slaves application to be more involved in My l.ife as a personal slave, is essay writing. I love looking into a slaves mind, allowing them to be creative and also it gives the slave the opportunity to prove themselves. How do you think Slave ‘A’ did?

‘How I will submit to Mistress Courtney and please her”

Mistress Courtney, you are very special. You are beautiful, you have an amazing voice, and attitude and way of speaking and you are young and full of energy and authority.  I dream to be kissing your beautiful leather boots and being dominated by you at home and in session. I want to buy you gifts that prove my own imagination – not just those on your list. I want to be kept on my toes and be teased and used for Mistress’ fun and advantage but in a sensual way that keeps me super-keen. My dream would be to feel that I am special to Mistress, she likes my attention but that she also wants to dominate me and make me look up to her and struggle/suffer.

There are many ways in which I will submit to you and I hope these will please you.

  1. Attitude

One of the most important aspects is attitude. I will at all times adopt an attitude that can be best described as a submissive and allow Mistress to control me. Central to this is that my own feelings and opinions come second to those of Mistress Courtney.  I will please mistress for example by showing a positive, keen to please attitude as mistress teases and denies me and sending sensual gifts to her.  Many slaves see boot worship as a punishment. I would like it to be a reward and a way of showing mistress my romantic side in how thoughtfully I kiss them.

  1. Role

My role will be to one of Mistress Courtney’s junior slaves. This will allow Mistress to have fun giving me training opportunities to get myself noticed by impressing her.  The more junior and the prettier the slave boy the more cruelly they are treated by Mistress.

  1. Patience

It is my duty to be made to wait for Mistress Courtney and give her the luxury of knowing that I will always wait keenly for Mistress.  It pleases mistress to use this situation to her own ends so that she knows I am always there. I must show Mistress just the right balance of keenness and just the right balance of reserve.

  1. Denial

Mistress has a hugely successful and busy lifestyle. As a beautiful Mistress she is greatly in demand. Her best slaves love and crave her yet realise they are just slaves and can never have a normal relationship with her.  They compete with each other for her attention in many ways. I will be no different from this and mistress will expect the same high standards of behaviour and reserve.  It pleases mistress just occasionally to tear up the rules and to give one of her slaves special privileges.  It pleases mistress to bring such slaves back into line and throw them back into her dungeon.  Only those who can maintain a positive attitude and gift Mistress  survive and get noticed again.


Diary of a toilet boy

I had been viewing Miss Courtney’s Twitter account and website for several months. I had even sent a couple of tentative emails to which she had replied courteously and professionally. Through my own uncertainness, I had not followed up on these approaches. The notion of serving her had, however, not gone away.
Then upon perusing her tweets last week, I came upon a clip she had posted. Looking both regal and relaxed, Miss Courtney stared into camera from the comfort of her car and explained how she had a subbie just fetching drinks and that she planned to both spit and flick ash into her adoring worshippers coffee.
This image swirled in my mind. I was metaphorically on my knees in eagerness to recreate this delightful scenario with this enchanting and clearly very controlling lady.
As luck would have it , that very day found me on a rare excursion to the North West of England. Not too distant from Manchester/Stockport, the epicentre of Miss Courtney’s empire.
I summoned courage to send off an email immediately. Miss Courtney referred back to my previous uncertainty but graciously agreed to meet for drinks with added ingredients planned for my own refreshment, courtesy of her mouth and cigarette. I give thanks for her kindness and forgiveness. Blessed mercy of the Goddess as things turned out.
Miss Courtney specified her preferred pub and I made my way there in a state of excitement and trepidation made worse by public transport issues . I arrived just in time but even more lacking in confidence than I may have hoped.
10 minutes later, with drinks ready at an outside table , I saw a glorious vision emerge from a noble vehicle. There could be no doubt. Reckoning had arrived.
I feel she had gauged my nervousness in an instant. She reassured me with a hug and huge smile. An instantly engaging manner and intelligence combined with an enquiring mind and politeness. All while casually flicking her ash into my beer. Oh well, only a few punters in the pub happened to look upon us….
She lifted my beer as if for a taste. A thick wad of spit gently descended from lips that could have commanded me to anything at that point. My drink was receiving some extra flavouring for certain.
During our chat, I hesitantly mentioned my fascination for serving as a human urinal for true and supreme dominant women. Miss Courtney asked what time I had to be headed back to London. After gauging that this cat had ample time to toy with her mouse, we were walking to her car and headed towards the Stockport dungeon, regular premises that Miss Courtney uses for professional sessions.
I was shortly led into one of the best equipped dungeons I have ever encountered. I descended almost instinctively to my knees and Miss Courtney had me crawl at her heels into the main room. I gazed upon an object of reverie and wonder; a custom-made toilet box, beautifully padded for the comfort of the supreme Lady. More like a throne than an object for a necessary function. It had a hole in the front for a suitable underlings head to be secured . And wrist restraints on each side….
Feeling it wise not to resist (!), I was soon locked in place . The option of avoiding degradation was non-existent , especially when Miss Courtney lifted the seat, gazed down and tantalizingly waved an oversized funnel at me.
I was left to contemplate the extraordinary sequence of events that had come to pass. Meanwhile , Miss Courtney retired to chat to her friend,  Princess Lucina. And also to enjoy some liquid refreshment….
Time passed. A million thoughts pass through the mind. Then the door opens and a beautiful smiling face stares down. This is a Lady well used to manipulating males for her amusement and gratification. It seems so natural.
She placed the funnel between my trembling lips . The light soon rapidly diminished. With words of encouragement from the Sacred Female above , my mouth soon filled with the fluids her body no longer required. Perfect harmony ensued between her release and my frantic swallowing . I felt privileged , only thinking of her increased comfort as her body performed its natural duty. It instantly felt like my natural duty likewise.
I was left to recover and Miss Courtney returned to her social activities next door. I felt happiness bordering on Zen-like calm . My duties were not done . 3 further occasions, Miss Courtney returned . Each time, as if knowing instinctively that my capabilities in my task were improving, the rapidity and force of her deluge increased. I felt as if she was nurturing me, spurring me onwards. A gently spoken ‘good boy’ working wonders.
The final downpour was certainly a wonder . My Adams apple bobbing up and down in perfect harmony with her release . The world made whole and perfect and the most glorious Female put the male to use in such an appropriate fashion.
I was released and Miss Courtney was as courteous and engaging as upon the very beginning of our encounter. I however , was a changed submissive.
I feel I would give everything to Miss Courtney.  All testimonies I have read from her slaves ring true. I am so happy to add further credence to what other fontunates have already stated. Beyond parallel. Supreme Deity . I feel the path I must tread. Submission to Miss Courtney’s supreme power. It is for her to decide what she wishes of me.
London slave

How to Approach a Pro-Domme

How to Approach a Mistress
So you have decided to spread your wings and try a little BDSM play? Or perhaps you have
had certain urges for as long as you can remember and have finally plucked up the courage
to book your session. Maybe you have opened Twitter and seen your ‘ideal’ Domme and you just have to contact her now. Whatever your story, make sure you THINK before you take that leap.
Firstly, listen to your cock.
What kind of session are you looking for? Do you want some pain or just a tease session?
Google is a wonderful research tool and sometimes newbies seem to forget this. To show a
Domme you are TRULY interested, look into your kinks. It is fine if you are not sure what you do like (how can we know until we try something?) but contacting a Mistress and saying “I would like to book a session but I don’t know what type” will not get you very far – you must have some idea of where you want to start!
If you are not sure then watch some BDSM clips and see which ones make your trousers
feel a little tight. Pain, humiliation, tease, role play, bondage, slave training are just a few
areas to look at. Also be very clear about any limits you may have: they help us to plan and
mould your ideal first time session.
Read up about your prospective Mistress
The majority of Mistresses have a website with all the information you will ever need; go and read it. If they do not, then you need to think about whether or not they are going to be able to deliver a professional service.
Each Dominatrix is different and offers different services, operates at varied times and has
her own preferences. On their website they will probably state their preferred way of being
addressed – I personally am happy with Miss / Mistress Courtney. Hi ‘Hunni’, ‘Babe’,
‘Gorgeous’ etc. will not get you brownie points and mix it with another faux pas (such as not knowing where I session from) will probably earn you a listing in my Timewasters (TW)
Contacting a Mistress stating the type of session you want to try, offering some times and
dates that tie in with the Mistresses operating times and also a compliment on a part of her website or social media account will have you taken seriously. Try not to make the email too long – if you want to pour your heart out to someone who ‘gets it’ write it all down in your journal first, then take the most important parts to create your email. Some Dommes prefer to be contacted by telephone or do not accept texts so ensure you use the accepted method. I prefer emails and texts, simply because I have a record of our conversations. So again, read her website!
Do not ask her for things she does not offer – if she says she does not provide a certain
service, she is not just saying that for ‘tax’ purposes (yes, someone has said that to me
before)! Her mind will not be changed because you think you have a good body. No means
No! Personally, I do not care what you look like – we are not going on a date, we are
arranging a session. If someone does contact me telling me how good looking they are or
how they are different from my other ‘stereotypical clients’ then this will earn you a spot in my TW list – I am not interested! Again every Domme is different but do remember your
The Reply.
You have sent your email and now the anticipation is building, the excitement coursing
through your veins, all you want in the world is a reply from the beautiful dominant lady. You  think about sending a text to inform her of your email … STOP! Have some patience, it’s more than likely that she is not sitting around twiddling her thumbs and waiting for your email. She has a personal life, many sessions booked in and she will get back to you when she can. I like to sit on my laptop and reply to emails so I can give my full attention.
Weekends are the worst time to email me as usually I am booked up with sessions on a
Friday and Saturday while Sunday is my day off. Occasionally an email will go unread, not
for any particular reason but because life is life. I do put on my website that if you do not
receive a reply within 10 days then to send the email again. You will get your reply and you
are one step closer to being in front of the lady of your dreams.
She wants a what?!
So your session has been accepted and the time and date is set. Some Mistresses require a
deposit: this is for a variety of reasons and some people’s hearts start pounding, “No, if I
send you a deposit it will show up for all to see on my bank statement” or “She can find out all about me from this”. Get a grip, we are too busy for this and, no, we don’t want to spend our time Googling your details and then donning wellie boots to brave the rain (we do live in the England) to perch outside your bedroom window plotting our blackmail plan. There are many ways you can send a deposit – you can walk into the appropriate bank and do a cash deposit – no need to give any personal information here. Some Mistresses accept gift cards – OH NO! Worried about the purchase showing up on your bank statement? WALK into your  local Tesco or any supermarket where you will find a range of gift cards from Amazon vouchers to department stores. There is no excuse for not providing a deposit and if you do not want to then you will flag that timewaster card again. Feel nervous about sending money to a stranger? If you have done your research on a Domme and have seen her reviews then this should not be an issue. If you haven’t then more fool you.
The day has arrived …
It’s time for the session. How exciting, and well done for getting to this point! If a confirmation is required by a certain time, ensure you contact her accordingly and do not wait until the last minute, earlier is always better.
Arrive early if it makes you feel better but letting her know you are at the premises 30
minutes before the session will make no difference. It is highly likely she will not be ready for you – the dungeon may be in use, she may getting ready or setting up the room for your
session – informing her of your arrival 5-10 minutes before the session time is appropriate.
When you enter the dungeon, do say Hello! Then listen to her instructions and let her know your ideas or concerns. Have the remaining tribute (MONEY) ready in an envelope and give it to her – it means the ‘paperwork’ is out the way and we can focus on having fun.
Finally, enjoy yourself. Try to relax and let yourself go … you have been waiting for this and you deserve to let the Mistress take you to a place you have never been before.
Follow up with an email a few days later if you have enjoyed yourself. Feedback and a ‘thank you’ is always appreciated and we are human beings at the end of the day. We appreciate some praise and even a gift if you feel like it.
Try not to book a session too quickly after your first time … give yourself time to process your day, figure out what you liked and what you didn’t, do some more research and then after a few weeks (I usually do not accept repeat sessions less than 3-4 weeks later as from
previous experience I find it can create an unhealthy addiction) if your time and finances
permit, book again.
Do not expect every session you book to be as amazing as the last or first. Every Mistress is
different but do take every experience you have as a learning curve – this is a journey you
are embarking on and it is an exciting one … one that you will remember forever and which will fill you with a feeling that you will not experience anywhere else.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step … Be brave, take that step.


Filming Slaves: Germany JUNE 2017

 I am so excited to say that filming in Germany will commence again this year on the 9th and 10th of June 2017 with Lars from Merciless Dominas.

Filming at a PAIN FARM in Treuenbrietzen, Germany: Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th of June ONLY.

• Flight to Schoenefeld or Berlin – you can get the train to Bruck (aprox 51 minutes from Berlin and 47 minutes from Schoenefeld). I will be hiring a car  so I will have space for 2 people.  I have looked briefly at flights and they are about £55 return – these are subject to change depending on where you live.

• Arrival will be Friday evening, departing on Sunday evening or Monday morning. You are welcome to come for just one day or all weekend.
• There are 5/6 beds available if you want to stay at the farm – 25 euros per night to go towards food etc. Pillows are provided but own bedding is preferred. This needs to be booked ASAP as spaces will go.
• Hotel I have booked: Hotel Linther Hof
• If you want to meet me at Liverpool airport and fly/travel together that’s great: the more the merrier 🙂

Themes for Filming:

  •   CBT, Ballbusting, Trampling
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Beat downs, Military Drills, Prisoner scenarios
  • Humiliation, Face Slapping, Forced-Bi
  • Electrics, Gadgets, Bondage
  • Pony Play (The farm has proper stables!)
  • Boot, Shoe, Heel, Foot Worship
We are not looking at filming ‘sexual scenes’ – To clarify: we will be shooting more hardcore scenes, so no tie and tease, jerk off instructions, milking, intimate body worship, etc …
Also bare in mind this is a filming weekend, not a slavery weekend or one that will incorporate sessions unless tributed and arranged upfront.

Please note that there will hopefully be around 6 – 7 filming subs and you will be required to film with all Mistresses. There will be breaks and time to enjoy each other’s company. As always, I am open to suggestions but Lars and I have specific ideas we want to incorporate into the weekend and the scenes/scenarios we want to film. You can be involved in filming for both Merciless Dominas and I – we will both be filming separate scenes as well as scenes together. Two cameras going – what fun!

Other Mistresses attending: Mistress Flora, Lady Deluxe and SweetBaby – If you look at Merciless Dominas on FetLife you will see more details for the Mistresses attending:

You will be required to show a form of ID, sign model release documents and if you want to secure one of the beds at the farm, proof of your flight or an upfront deposit will be required.

If you are interested, please send an email to or message Lars via Fetlife.

Miss C xx


Diary of a slave – chastity

In Chastity for Miss Courtney

One thing I have always fantasied about was being locked in chastity and handing over control of my cock. Locking myself was easy but I always went for the key after a couple of days. This defeating the object I searched for a key holder.

I stumbled across Miss Courtney’s website and after reading through it a few times decided this was it. I fired off an email politely asking Mistress if she would do me the honor of holding my key’s. She agreed and the rest is history.

November 2016 I was sat with my manhood unlocked and free. I decided I needed to be controlled again. I contacted Mistress and after a couple of messages we had agreed for my cock to return to the cage and to be controlled again.

We agreed to 4 weeks in Chastity throughout December. By mid-November I had decided I couldn’t wait and asked Mistress if we could add 2 weeks to the start of the time. Mistress quickly responded with a YES!!!. I made the most of the freedom then first thing on a Monday morning I put the cage on my cock and locked the device. Living the opposite side of the country from Mistress I sent the keys via post. This was it. I’m under Mistress’ control. I received a message from Mistress after a few days saying she had received the keys.

During the 6 week’s we’d agreed I kept in constant contact with Mistress. I could be out with friends or at work and a message would come from ordering a photo of her property. Who am I to say no to Mistress? As a thankyou I must send Mistress a few gifts. After a few week’s, I received a video from Mistress. I watching it I see Mistress wearing a latex dress I had purchased for her. She spends a minute or 2 teasing me.

Getting close to the end of the year and the release day is fast approaching. By now the cage is part of me and release doesn’t sound like an option. Time to contact my Mistress.

A medical at work was looming at the start of 2017 and the device wouldn’t help me there. We agreed for Mistress to send me a key on the grounds the device was removed on the morning of my medical and replaced asap. Once done I was to post the key back and send Mistress a photo of her locked property back where it belongs.

But how long will the device stay on?

I’m always eagerly watching Mistress waiting for her to announce tour dates in London. The dates came up and after contacting Mistress we arranged a session for February where I was to be released from my device.

Again, I was requested to send a photo of her locked property. I was also sent another video of Mistress teasing me. All the time watching these video’s I found my cock straining against the bars of the device. The video also ending with the controlling rhetorical question “will I unlock you?”.

Now we’re a matter of days away from me meeting the stunning Mistress Courtney and being able to serve her in person. The device will be coming off at the end of the week………..hopefully.

Mistress has also sent me a message hinting towards a vibrating plug which she could control regardless where we both are at the time. Being keen to please her I purchase one. This should keep me on edge a bit more and leave me more and more frustrated.

However….Me being keen to serve Mistress. I drop the crazy question. Should we play a little game which would see my sentence lengthened. Who knows what my fate will be.

Here we are, February 2017 and 4 weeks locked is now 12 weeks with the more week’s or even months on the cards.

Mistress, it is a pleasure to serve you. Your property is safely locked away under lock and key.
Chastity Sub Mike x


Diary of a slave – Slave m

My Journey Into Slavery : Part 2
My last Blog entry followed my journey into the Fetish scene and how as time went on it
developed and I found myself wanting more than just going to a few clubs. As I finished my Blog last time I had explained how my world had changed one evening when I had come across the stunning Mistress Courtney and how I knew instantly that I had found the one who I wanted to give my all too.
As time went on I started having regular sessions with Mistress which quite frankly blew my mind. Upon entering the dungeon every time I felt a feeling unlike anything I had experienced in the past. It felt like I was floating quite literally and all that mattered to me was making Mistress happy no matter what I was about to endure for her.
Of course sessions with Mistress Courtney are tailored to what each slave wants with a huge range of things that can be chosen. In the past before meeting Mistress I had always had a list of certain things that if someone had asked me to try I would have politely have said ‘no I’m sorry’. However now as I know I have found the one I find myself going over those things and thinking if Mistress Courtney said ‘can I do this’ I would absolutely say ‘Yes Mistress’. My slavery has been taken to that next level and it doesn’t matter to me if it might not be something that I  like massively because all that matters is making Mistress happy and showing her what I will endure for her.
My sessions continued over the coming months and each one was just as special as the last
and every time I left Mistress I was instantly still thinking about her and wanting to know when I could see her again and what to do next to please her.
Most of my time with Mistress at this point had been in the Dungeon but that was about to
change. In October we had arranged to go to a spectacular event in London organized by
Madame Caramel. The Fem Dom Ball as it was titled was to be a celebration of Female
Supremacy in lavish settings and it seemed perfect as my first outing outside of the dungeon with Mistress.
The day had come of the Ball and as I hurriedly dashed across town to meet Mistress. I had
barely started my journey when Mistress called to say she had forgotten her earrings and could I find a shop on route to purchase her some which I did. When I reached Mistress she greeted me and showed me the gown she was going to wear it was stunning and my heart pounded at thought of seeing how amazing Mistress was going to look.
A quick something to eat and we jumped into the taxi to the venue. On route Mistress handed me the collar to put on which I did (as the driver tried not to notice lol). Once the taxi had arrived I was required to be hooded and so with hood placed over my head we made our way into the Ball.
We were greeted at reception by Mistress Evilyn and I was made into a human raffle ticket! . I was so happy that the numbers that were drawn onto me won! and Mistress Courtney won 3 prizes . It was a fabulous evening and didn’t disappoint. Madame Caramel had pulled out all the stops. Mistress looked incredibly beautiful and I didn’t want my first public outing with her to end. So my first public outing had now taken place with Mistress and I was falling ever deeper into my submission to her. Every minute of every day my thoughts filled with Mistress and what surprises I could spring to please her.
For the months after the Ball I returned to the more familiar Dungeon surroundings with
Mistress. Every time I entered the Dungeon craving more and more. I found myself naked each time stood in the Dungeon looking about not knowing what Mistress was going to do to me with so much at her disposal and my heart pounding waiting to hear the footsteps coming towards me.
……. To Be Continued
For information on the Femdom Ball 2017:

A sharp intake of breath… WOW

Breath Play – bit of a touchy subject for some, a look of confusion for others and for some of you, a twinge in your pants.

So what is it? It is a form of EDGE play that should be conducted ONLY with consenting and responsible/experienced persons as it involves restricting, constricting and controlling a persons intake of air. The lack of oxygen in the brain can cause a build up of carbon dioxide which CAN (not always) result in a happy, floaty, giddy, erotic, pleasurable feeling. There are many ways in which to explore breath play – some less dangerous than others but one thing I always say to every person who requests breath play in a session: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ON YOUR OWN!
So different types of breath play include holding the sub’s nose, smothering (with bottom, bust, arm etc), plastic clear bags, hoods, grasps/choke holds (ie. Judo experts can advise), masks, gas masks (we  love) and special breath play equipment.
Control. As many of you know, I love what I do but there are various forms of play that create that adrenaline rush I so love. Anything that magnifies a feeling of control leaves an exhilarating feeling within me. When I first started exploring the BDSM world I remember reading on Wikipedia (yes it is still there) that breath play dates back to the 17th century as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. People started noticing during executions,when hanging, that male ‘victims’ became erect during the act and remained upright after the deed was done.
Breath play is exhilarating, powerful,terrifying and mind blowing. With the right approach and knowledge (yes, there will always be a risk with everything we do) this experience can be rewarding within the BDSM adventure. When I do engage in a breath play session I can use many things but my Fetters rebreather hood is great. It allows me to see my subjects face, my hand on their chest keeps count of their breathing and my finger feels their pulse via the throat, eyes staring, counting the breaths, letting them know how many breaths left until they can take a fresh breath of air, you experience such an intense feeling, sitting here I am finding it difficult to describe… The closeness experienced with that person who puts all their trust in you is humbling and the satisfaction felt when you see the pure enjoyment that person feels when the session comes to an end is mixed with mixed feelings of pride, power and exhilaration.
The main point within breath play is relaxation. Trust is a HUGE factor – if you do not trust the person you are playing with it is highly unlikely that you will be able to relax enough to appreciate and experience those feelings we expect. Slow, calm breathing (do not try and hold your breath even though this can be an instinctive action)  and eye contact are a must. Keeping note of the persons pulse, noting the rise and fall of the chest and ensuring the eyes do not glaze over. Ensure your partner, sub, slave etc is able to interact with you, look at you, respond to you. Set up a safe signal – the wave of a hand or click of fingers – so that you and your play partner can alert the other if a break is needed.
When researching the subject one person posted (from a submissives perspective) that the feelings he experienced where pure elation mixed with trepidation, resulting in pure body ecstasy. All the power was in his Mistresses hands (literally) and the mix of the high and his orgasm was something he could never dream of experiencing any other way. There are many Mistresses who will not indulge in the play due to its high risk factors. Another person ( relates the play to ‘heaven’.
Note: I hate to put a downer on something I really enjoy but there are some people who need to be aware of the following:It is dangerous. If you still want to engage in this play then do it safely (or as safely as possible). When starting a breath play session I always point out the risks, and need to be aware of any health risks ie. history of seizures as this may be a reason to discontinue the session, hence my health issues tab on my consultation form. So there is a lot to think about and the info here does not even touch on a small percentage of the risks, warnings and information on the net…. In various research this is one of the most dangerous forms of play and is never considered 100 percent safe. So take special care when engaging. If you are not comfortable with it, do not engage in it. If you have any health risks (from blood pressure issues to a simple cold). Do not take drugs or alcohol while playing. Thinking that you can stop the air restriction when the other person passes out is not accurate, it is not a warning sign – death can occur before you pass out. I am CPR trained and I am so glad I took the course!  Also bare in mind a person’s allergies – the latex re-breather hood you may want to try or even the duct tape, are you allergic to the materials?Moderation is key here, do not jump right in, start slow, learn about this activity and know the human body. Think before you play…
If you do play and love it, let me know 😉 We can discuss our fun!